Rapid Fire

Here are some rapid fire thoughts:

-I am not a fan of the new 2014 Topps baseball cards, since they’ve added the Wins Above Replacement stat, a stat that is definitely not universally known. In fact, even fewer people even know how to calculate WAR. Years ago when I was into baseball cards, I wouldn’t have had a clue.

-Why isn’t Brandon Moss a more serious MVP candidate in the AL? Josh Donaldson is the said frontrunner, but so far he is trailing Moss in AVG, OBP, and SLG percentage. On the whole I don’t like to talk about potential MVP candidates in May, but Moss deserves more respect.

-I think that the Marlins can rebound well from Jose Fernandez’s injury. They have a very young, exciting group of pitchers who are all capable of pitching like Fernandez. Not only do the Marlins have an excellent rotation, they also have two of the most dominating late inning relief pitchers in the game, AJ Ramos and Steve Cishek, making the Marlins a very tough assignment on any night. I don’t think the Marlins will win the division, but I also don’t think the Fernandez injury is an early death sentence.

-Jenrry Mejia looked just like Jose Valverde last night, with the funky delivery and the boisterous celebration. If I’m a Mets fan, that memory scares me.


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