Revisiting the 5 Worst Offseason Signings

Please remember that WAR (wins above replacement) is a counting stat and not a percentage.

Poor seasons by Cabrera and Adam LaRoche have the White Sox out of contention and could eventually have their GM out of a job.

Melky Cabrera-5 years, $42 Million

2014 (Blue Jays): .301 avg, 16 HR, 81 R, .351 OBP,  2.4 WAR

2015 (White Sox): .272 avg, 8 HR, 57 R, .313 OBP, -0.2 WAR

It’s amazing how some players can get huge contracts by only being good every other year.

Michael Cuddyer-2 years, $21 Million

2013 (Rockies): .331 avg, 20 HR, 84 RBI, .389 OBP, 2.3 WAR

2014 (Rockies): .332 avg, 10 HR, 31 RBI, .376 OBP 1.4 WAR (205 at bats)

2015 (Mets): .262 avg, 10 HR 37 RBI, .312 OBP, 0.4 WAR (356 at bats)

This should be no surprise. Age, injuries, and a bigger ballpark have all factored into Cuddyer’s disappointing season.

Pat Neshek-2 years, $12.5 Million

2014 (Cardinals): 67.1 IP, 1.87 ERA, 0.79 WHIP, 1.9 WAR

2015 (Astros): 46.1 IP, 3.11 WAR, 0.86 WHIP, 0.5 WAR

Neshek has been solid for the Astros, nowhere near the level he was at with St. Louis, and nowhere near worth the money the Astros are paying him.

Zach Duke-3 years, $15 Million

2014 (Brewers): 58.2 IP, 2.45 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 1.4 WAR

2015 (White Sox): 51.1 IP, 3.33 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, -0.3 WAR

And some people are saying the LOOGY (Left-handed One Out GuY) is phasing out of baseball. Randy Choate and Zach Duke are just the latest examples of LOOGY’s receiving multimillion dollar deals after only one good season. Not surprisingly, they go and remind people why the LOOGY should be phasing out of baseball.

Kendrys Morales-2 years, $17 Million

2014 (Mariners and Twins): .218 AVG, 8 HR, 42 RBI, .274 OBP, -1.8 WAR (401 AB)

2015 (Royals): .285 AVG, 14 HR, 87 RBI, .354 OBP, 1.5 WAR (512 AB)

A really nice bounce-back season from Morales spoils my perfect record. Another example of why Dayton Moore is one of the best and brightest GM’s of our day.

Billy Butler-3 years, $30 Million

2014 (Royals): .271 AVG, 9 HR, 66 RBI, .323 OBP, -0.5 WAR

2015 (A’s): .236 AVG, 9 HR, 48 RBI, .310 OBP, -1.3 WAR

Billy Beane hasn’t blown many offseasons, but the 2015 offseason will probably go down as his worst. Josh Donaldson, Jon Lester, and Tyler Clippard all left, and their replacements have all failed to pull their own weight.

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