Farhan Zaidi the New GM of the Dodgers

Here’s a great Farhan Zaidi video on MLB Tonight. Zaidi has a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a doctorate from California Berkeley in Economics. Zaidi joins former Rays GM Andrew Friedman (President of Baseball Operations), in the Dodger front office. The Dodgers now have the brains to match Owner Magic Johnson’s energy.

The Braves’ Busy Offseason

The Atlanta Braves figure to be the most intriguing study of the offseason for many reasons; for one, they seem to have shifted the entire direction of the organization, hiring a new General Manager, plus giving the rest of the organization down the line a general shake up. Also (more importantly) the Braves were downright… Continue reading The Braves’ Busy Offseason

Analyzing Some of Baseball’s Breakout Stars Part I

Michael Brantley (.324/.384/.904), 17 home runs Of all the players on this list, few have enjoyed the kind of career year that Michael Brantley is having. The slash line is excellent, but his numbers go far deeper than that. According to Fangraphs, Brantley has contributed about 35 runs to the Indians’ offense, behind only 2… Continue reading Analyzing Some of Baseball’s Breakout Stars Part I

My List of All-Star Snubs that Nobody Talks About

There’s no such thing as the perfect All-Star roster, especially¬†with the way pitchers have dominated baseball recently, but some players have just not gotten the recognition they deserve. We all know about the injustice done to Buster Posey and Chris Sale, but here’s my list of All-Star snubs that aren’t getting talked about. ¬†There are… Continue reading My List of All-Star Snubs that Nobody Talks About