Can Sabermetricians and Scouts Get Along?

Where do advanced statistics belong in the game of baseball? This is the question that has, for the most part, consumed baseball discussions for the past 10+ years. By and large, the Sabermetrics community (the term coined by the pioneer of advanced statistics, Bill James) has gained ground over the traditional scouting community during these… Continue reading Can Sabermetricians and Scouts Get Along?

Assessing the Braves’ Extensions

Instead of exploring the free agent market, the Braves occupied their time during the winter by extending some, or all, of their core players. Freddie Freeman went for 8 years $135 million, Julio Teheran 6 years, $32.4 million, Craig Kimbrel for 4 years, $42 million, Andrelton Simmons 7 years $58 million, Chris Johnson for 3… Continue reading Assessing the Braves’ Extensions

Rapid Fire

Here are some rapid fire thoughts: -I am not a fan of the new 2014 Topps baseball cards, since they’ve added the Wins Above Replacement stat, a stat that is definitely not universally known. In fact, even fewer people even know how to calculate WAR. Years ago when I was into baseball cards, I wouldn’t… Continue reading Rapid Fire